Wednesday, August 15, 2012

wise fools

Did you know that the word, "sophomore," has Latin roots basically meaning, "Wise fool"? I learned this in my freshman year of high school.

This post chronicles my "wise fool" year of RIT. This year, I was a Resident Advisor for one of the dorms on campus. While the job was fun, I realized that I burned out rather quickly and after the fall quarter I had almost no motivation.

This year, we had a baby bear cub end up on campus. I actually talked to the guy who raised the alarm. He was a Resident Coordinator (RC) in one of the dorms, Sol Heumann Hall. He was sitting in his office doing work, when he realized that the bushes were shaking. Thinking it was either the wind or some unruly students, he looked over to stare in the face of a bear. He raised the alarm, and the quad was cordoned off. Curious students were standing fifty feet away, leaning over the barriers trying to get a glimpse of the bear. Wildlife services eventually came and tranquilized the bear. They took him to an undisclosed location and set him free.

Unfortunately, only a month or so later, the poor bear was struck by a car and killed. RIP, RIT Bear.

"Can I has WOW players?"
Other events include the day that 2,136 participants gathered in the Field House for a game of dodgeball. This was an event that had been in the works for months. I was unfortunately unable to come due to being on duty. This game ultimately shattered the world record, and even though the record was then shattered only a few weeks later, RIT still holds the record for the world's largest indoors dodgeball game.

One very memorable event is the RIT Women's hockey bid for the Division III National Championships. We were overall 26-2-2, beating Utica and SUNY Plattsburgh to cinch the ECAC West Championship. We were then granted entry into the NCAA Division III playoffs. (Of course, Joe and I went to watch!) We beat Adrian and entered the DIII Frozen Four, where we beat Middlebury. We came face-to-face with Norwich in the final. Unfortunately... we lost. Badly. We lost 5-2 and Norwich earned the national championship at a RIT rink. We swore vengeance.

Memorable events with friends? Oh there were many. One I recall with vivid clarity is the evening that Danica and I decided to order pizza. Ultimately, the cost came to approximately $28.73. Danica put $2.00 as the tip, and somehow... there was a glitch in the system. The final screen (confirming payment) had changed her tip to $99,973.00. Her grand total was $100,001.73. You should have seen her face of terror. We hurried to the pizza place only to find that they had canceled her order - thank goodness! Poor Danica.

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John DeNaples said...

It would NOT be funny if these pizza place did not cancel that charge....