Friday, May 4, 2012

i feel free

Here is the first in a series of three posts about college!

Freshman year is the year I barely went out. I mean, I did go out and do things, but not as much as I have in the last two years. It was the year that I was a recluse and spent more time studying and watching movies than anything. I truly regret not doing more this year.

However - these are some of my favorite memories!

Mud Tug is an annual tug-of-war tournament held in the field behind Grace Watson's. It is hosted by the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity to raise money for a select nonprofit group. There is live music, food, and play! My team ("Cheese") arrived late, but we were still in time to get our bands and go in. Since we were late, we would tug late, so we spent most of the day playing in the mud pit and climbing giant hills of mud.

Of course, we lost miserably against an all-guy team. I was in the front, and when the other team pulled us in, I landed face first and ended up with everyone piled up on me.

We cannot forget the NCAA RIT Men's Hockey home opener over Brick City weekend! RIT lost 3-2 against Colgate. The game nevertheless drew 7,421 people to Blue Cross Arena. It was an epic Orange-Out, and I was seated near the Corner Crew. Their excitement drew me in, and soon I was yelling at the Colgate goalies.

Other memories include the Rocky Horror Picture Shows that Joe and I attended nearly every month. There were countless birthday parties that I participated in before RIT went crazy.


That year, RIT had a phenomenal hockey team. It became a household name across the nation. RIT swept some of the top teams in the Atlantic Hockey Association to win the AHA Championship. For the first time since the RIT Men Hockey became Division I in NCAA, we were granted entry in the NCAA tournament.

Honestly, we weren't expecting much. We were up against the number 1 and 2 teams in the nation, and we were number 16 - the wild card, no less. Somehow, we slaughtered #1 Denver in the first round of the NCAA tournament. We ended up in the second round, where we whipped the University of Connecticut.

This meant that, also for the first time, RIT was the NCAA Eastern Regional Champion and also in the Frozen Four.

Pandemonium reigned on campus. Joe and I camped out in front of the Field House the night before Frozen Four tickets were being sold on a student discount. That was a terrible, terrible yet unforgettable night. Early in the morning, we both secured game tickets AND bus tickets.

On April 8th, we were on our way! We boarded the bus very early in the morning for a long trip from Rochester, NY to Detroit, MI.

The game, needless to say, was a disaster. Wisconsin scored on us from the outset, and scored again... and again... and again. We played sloppy, but the enthuaism that we had for our team was outstanding. My parents, in Greensboro, were sitting at a bar watching the game on ESPN U. At one point, the announcers were talking about the RIT fans, and even through the TV, my parents could hear everybody chanting, "RIT! RIT! RIT!"

We fell 8-1 to Wisconsin, who then fell to the eventual national champions, Boston University.

The rest of the year dulls in comparison to this experience.

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