Monday, April 16, 2012

getting real

After reading the Pirate's blog, I realized things are starting to get real. And really scary. Her graduation is less than a month away, and in less than five months, she is moving up to Rochester to go to RIT! And with her arrival, my senior year will officially begin.

Our school's new registration system went live today, and I added my classes to the shopping cart. Things are getting real fast. I can't believe I'm adding my classes for my first quarter of senior year already! It feels like yesterday that I was a freshman in biomedical photography. Now I'm going to be a senior in biology. Where did the time go?

It is currently the sixth week of school. Let me recap what has happened so far this quarter. I've taken part in a Heel Violence! walk for Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. This walk raised over $5000 and all of it will be donated to Advocacy Services for Abused Deaf Victims. Last Friday night, Danica, Sara Jane, Michelle, and I took part in the Ultimate CAB Quest. We basically ran all over campus in two hours in order to find facts, take pictures, and write down QR codes for prizes. We ended up in third place! Not too bad for four girls! (In fact, the winning team were four girls from Tri-Sigma sorority)

I feel like this quarter I'm spending a lot of time socializing and taking part in events. Next weekend during Spring Festival is Karen's Walk/Run 5K. The week after that, I'm volunteering at Imagine RIT, and the day after that I'm participating in a Color Run.

The next three posts will be about my first three years at RIT. They will cover my triumphs, my struggles, and hopefully some fun, enjoyable stories.

This will be one of these stories!

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Linda said...

Shrubbery!! I just found this post! I'm glad that you have been doing so many fun things this quarter! Sometimes it's nice to have a lot of "chill" time with friends doing various events! That's where a lot of memories come from!! It's also exciting that you're getting along with all of your new next year roomies! :) I'm sure there will be a bunch of fun things to do this summer too!

Can't wait to see you in a few short weeks!!! xoxo