Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I found out yesterday that I'm missing seven (yes, seven) credit hours for my gen ed/university elective requirements. My advisor neglected to inform me of this, so I've had to scramble to figure out what I can take for my senior year and still have an easy year.

What I HAVE figured out, though, are my fall and winter quarters.

First - what do I have left after this quarter?

Two courses for my minor (8 credit hours total), Genetics (4 credits, taking it this summer), Developmental Biology (4 credits, taking it this fall), one 2 credit biology elective course, and 7 more hours in gen ed/university wide electives. 25 credits total.

Courses were recently released on SIS using the new GeneSIS system. This is basically what my fall quarter may look like:

M: 1-2 - Developmental Biology. 2-5 - Developmental Biology Lab.
T: 10-12: Fine Arts:Visual Arts. 2-4 - Vertebrate Evolution.
W: 10-12: Foods of the World. 1-2: Developmental Biology.
R: 10-12: FAVA. 1-2: Developmental Biology. 2-4: Vertebrate Evolution.

However, the professor for vertebrate evolution apparently sucks according to Ratemyprofessors.com. Therefore, I'm thinking of instead doing scene painting. It's basically when you paint scenes for NTID plays for 40 hours a quarter and get 2 credit hours for it. Not bad! So for my fall quarter, I'll have 12 credit hours if I do scene painting, 14 if I do Vertebrate Evolution.

So what does that leave us with? Since I think I'm likelier to do the scene painting thing than vertebrate evolution, this is what I'll have left. Two courses for the minor, one 2 credit biology course, 3 more hours in gen ed/university wide electives. 13 hours left.

Now, this is where it starts getting a little bit sticky.

This winter, I'm most likely taking:

MW: 11-12: Conservation Biology, 12-1: Tropical Ecology.
T: 2-4: Wines of the World.
R: 2-5: Conservation Biology lab.
F: 11-12: Conservation Biology Lab.

That is ten credit hours. I need two more to be a full-time student. This is where I'll much appreciate class ideas! Something that is fun to do and an easy A. Maybe Oceanus? That's an online course (4 credits).

After this, all I'll have left are my minor courses. 8 hours to go.

For spring, all I know that I'm taking is Linguistics of ASL and either American Deaf History or Oppression in the Lives of Deaf People. These sound like fun classes. Not easy, but fun. I want to take one more class to be a full-time, but we'll figure that part out when the class times/sections/professors are released.

I can't believe I have so few classes left to take! College has definitely flown by so fast.

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Linda said...

wow! It does seem like college has gone by so fast! I can't believe you only have a few more classes to take! I guess that makes course planning a lot easier though!! How about taking foods of the world!! Maybe we can take that together! I have no idea when it is offered though...